Insulated liner for cooler

GreenLiner thermal box liners are high-performance box insulation liner, recommended for shipments of 48 hour or longer of refrigerated or frozen goods. The unique insulated box liners provide an alternative form of temperature-control packaging. They are made of a lightweight proprietary material that is both fully collapsible and compressed using our patented technology.

The padded, insulating panels immediately turn any cold shipping box into custom-sized, temperature-control packaging that can be quickly loaded with temperature-sensitive goods and refrigerant products, such as refrigerant gel packs or dry ice. We specialize in manufacturing fully customizable sizes to fit your exact requirements at no additional cost.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements. Learn more about our minimum order quantities here. GreenLiner provides effective thermal protection for transit durations of up to 72 hours.

Unparalleled space efficiency GreenLiner arrives compact, and will inflate to full thickness upon opening of the seal. This space-saving design, a patented feature, helps you to save on storage and warehousing costs. Many layers of compression There are around 30 compressed liners per compression packet. While traditional temp-control packaging, such as molded containers, are bulky, our insulated box liners are sent to you collapsed and compressed. GreenLiner cold shipping boxes are unique in that they provides extraordinary performance, while also arriving in a compact, easy-to-store form.

The patent-pending technology provides unmatched efficiency of use in the packing area when compared to molded coolers. This compact storage feature allows more insulated box liners to be stored in a smaller area. Also, with less frequent replenishment required, workflow in the pack area is much more efficient. GreenLiner temp-control packaging gets its name from its environmentally conscious origins. IPC prides itself on being able to provide custom box sizes, and GreenLiner insulated containers are no exception.

The unique panels provide unmatched performance in the industry, while also extremely lightweight and flexible. Millions of tiny capsules inside each foam panel act to slow down heat flow while remaining elastic and providing structure to the panel. The high-performance panel provides exceptional conductive insulation in addition to superb drop-testing performance. GreenLiner box insulation panels are encased in unique, radiant-barrier covers providing additional convective insulation.

The carefully crafted outer envelope is designed specifically to work in combination with the foam filler. The unique structure provides the correct amount of convective heat resistance to augment the conductive insulation already presented by the advanced foam filler.

The envelope is carefully crafted to perfectly encase the panels, while allowing the necessary movement to facilitate a perfect fit inside the carton. GreenLiner cold shipping boxes work particularly well when used in conjunction with dry ice. Load your temperature-sensitive items into a dry ice shipping container to further enhance its thermal performance, keeping your goods refrigerated for a longer period of time. IPC manufactures custom orders in-house, with low minimum requirements for any size of insulated container.

Also available: GreenLiner Ultra β€” the thicker walls provide extreme protection against cold and heat when placed inside an insulated shipping box, creating an Ultra High Performance insulated shipper. Click here to read about why GreenLiner 3D insulation liners are better for the environment than polystyrene coolers.

The EcoLiner is a two-piece thermal insulation liner made to protect the contents of a six-sided container. The CooLiner box liner is a simple, easy-to-use insulation bag, made of environmentally friendly materials and collapsible for easy shipping.CooLiner insulated box liners are easy-to-use, made from environmentally friendly materials, and provide effective thermal protection for containers of any size.

Liners are completely collapsible for easy shipment and efficient handling. You can use CooLiner insulated shipping boxes for shipping perishable food items, pharmaceuticals, dairy products, and any other temperature-sensitive products.

CooLiner foil insulated bubble bags are recommended for protecting refrigerated, carton-sized shipments against extreme ambient temperatures for more than 24 hours. When used together with a corrugated shipping box, the one-piece CooLiner creates an effective insulated shipping box that folds into a compact form for easy storage and transportation.

Knowing that your temperature-sensitive products are protected against extreme temperatures throughout the cold-chain distribution system gives you the confidence to ship your goods in any season, to any location.

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Our in-house manufacturing facility allows us to provide you with fully customizable sizes at no extra charge. Get in touch to discuss your bespoke requirements.

Insulated Box Liners

The minimum order quantity for CooLiner box liners is pcs per size. Looking for less than units? We have lower minimum quantities for our GreenLiner and EcoLiner box liners. Learn more about our minimum order quantities here. Click and drag the slider below to compare the two versions.

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The compact and collapsible design of CooLiner box insulation makes it easy to transport and allows you to save on storage costs. Environmentally Friendly Materials The insulated shipping boxes are built with materials that minimize impact on the environment. Peel-and-Seal Easy Adhesive Lip Closure Easy-to-use, one-piece design allows you to seal and insulated your shipping boxes in seconds.

Leak-Resistant Featuring a water-tight seal, the insulated foil bubble box liners ensure your products remain dry during transit. Watch the demonstration video below to see how easy it is to use CooLiner foil bubble insulation. Two test samples were placed under extremely high ambient temperature and the thermal performances were compared. CooLiner is a revolutionary type of insulation made from metalized films and air bubbles.

The combination of these materials creates a silver bubble wrap that provides high-performance temperature control against extreme temperatures. These cold shipping boxes are simple, easy-to-use, come in any custom size, and are available in various forms: bags, covers and roll stock.

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They are summer liners recommended for protecting carton-sized shipments at refrigerated temperatures for shipments lasting 24 hours or less. IPC utilizes proprietary reflective materials, not available to insulated box liner manufacturers, that provide the perfect combination of heat reflection and mass. Similar materials, when presented with a higher relative thickness, do not necessarily provide the best heat resistance. Light low thermal mass and highly reflective insulated bubble wrap can provide better heat resistance.

This critical combination has a large net effect on the performance of insulated shipping boxes such as CooLiner. The foil reflective layer in CooLiner effectively blocks radiating heat from the environment, even after it has entered through the walls of a carton. This foil layer is even more effective when exposed to open air, such as when it is used as a pallet cover. Thicker, heavier films, although more durable, have higher thermal mass that can actually exacerbate heat flow.

CooLiner insulation material is superior to similar products from other manufacturers or suppliers for the following reasons:.

Speed CooLiner insulated containers are easy to store and use. Because they require little space when folded, CooLiner products present more efficiency in the pack area, whereby less work is required to move them into the packaging process.

Usage is also very simple; just open, place in the carton or pallet, and seal. Efficiency The combination of easy storage and easy use present money-saving efficiency in the packing area. CooLiner provides thermal protection for any temperature-sensitive products, including pharmaceuticals, blood products, and perishable food items such as dairy products, gourmet meal kits, ice cream, smoothies, baby food, and raw and frozen meat and poultry.

All our products are developed and manufactured from our factory in the USA. View plain text version of our spec sheet here.A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Top-ranking products.

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Insulated Box Liners

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Contact Supplier. Food grade thermal foil insulated box liners insulated cooler shipping box liner. V-Coool refrigerate collapsible lunch peva liner insulated cooler bags insulated. For more questions, please contact us, A s houlder cooler bag, with a soft shoulder pad The up 'room' can keep dry, safety for pump machine And easy to pick it out when using. Most of products are in-stock prducts, can send out very quickly, e.

We have focus in this category for over 6 years, can provide the full set prodcuts 4. Can also help you on related products. Insulated bubble thermal cooler 3D box liner.EcoLiner is our most environmentally friendly insulation material, with high performance stemming from the cotton-based panels wrapped in a bio-based film. At IPC, we constantly strive to stay ahead of the curve in providing our customers with sustainable, innovative insulated packaging solutions that help reduce overall waste and pollution.

This is why we have manufactured a high-performance insulation liner; the EcoLiner. Wrapped in a earth-friendly film, the panels contain ingredients that accelerate biodegradation and provide maximum space-efficiency to assist with reducing landfill waste. Our collapsible products have successfully eliminated millions of cubic feet of potential landfill space over a decade of time. EcoLiner is most effective for shipments in transit for over 48 hours.

The six-sided padded box liner protects refrigerated, frozen and room-temperature goods. The EcoLiner is also available in a pouch formatwith a 1. At no additional cost, our environmentally friendly box liners are available in any custom size to suit your exact requirements.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you. Learn more about our minimum order quantities here.

insulated liner for cooler

The insulated packaging products we offer are composed of cotton-based insulation layers manufactured primarily of post-consumer cotton and other natural fibers. The insulation layers are wrapped in an opaque white poly film that contains ingredients necessary in facilitating bio-disintegration.

The EcoLiner is available with a white- or clear-colored outer wrap. Once assembled into a 3D insulation box, all sides are thermally protected, keeping your temperature-sensitive goods safe during shipping. The vision behind the EcoLiner was creating a top-performing insulated liner that protects frozen or refrigerated goods during cold chain transport, while also reducing landfill waste.

You can use EcoLiner cold shipping boxes in conjunction with our refrigerant products, such as gel packs and dry ice, to provide even more effective performance. Dry ice containers can keep your products cool for even longer periods of time. Eco-friendly and space efficient materials. Arrives compact and vacuum compressed The two-piece liners are easy to assemble and offer enhanced space-efficiency.

Made of green, recyclable materials Inspired by nature. Why EcoLiner? This efficient design is 75 percent more space-efficient than the equivalent in rigid coolers.

insulated liner for cooler

Easy and Quick to Use The EcoLiner insulated box liners can be applied to your shipping containers in a matter of seconds. Simply position the two three-panel sections inside a box and seal. Insulated Products Corporation IPC does not warrant or guarantee that these results will be the same for any product or shipment. Thermal Performance of Biodegradables: EcoLiner vs. The CooLiner box liner is a simple, easy-to-use insulation bag, made of environmentally friendly materials and collapsible for easy shipping.

All our products are developed and manufactured from our factory in the USA.Not sure which insulated product is right for you?

Let us help you decide. Our wide range of stock and custom-made products will save you space, time and money.

insulated cooler liner material

We offer many environmentally-friendly options, most of which can be printed with your logo or message upon request. It's lightweight and stores flat, taking up less room in your storage area. Simply insert it into your box, pack and seal.

Custom printing and sizing are available. Earth friendly insulated liners are made from recycled cotton fibers sandwiched between two layers of poly film or paper. These 2-piece liners are easy to assemble and can be used with either dry ice or gel packs. They're perfect for shipping fresh or frozen goods and can be custom made without any additional cost. It offers exceptional insulating value as well as cushioned protection for your products.

Our earth-friendly insulation is composed of recycled denim and cotton fibers sandwiched between two layers of corrugated.

Custom sizing and branding available at no additional cost. This one-piece natural cotton fiber insulation offers a sustainable and recyclable solution for perishable shipping. The flexible design folds and ships flat, saving on warehouse space and shipping costs. Custom sizing and printing is available. Bubble foil insulated box liners are made from recycled, FDA approved plastic and foil.

They're designed to fit inside standard size corrugated boxes and can be customized for your specific box size. Ideal for sending small items or product samples, these insulated envelopes provide protection and up to 48 hours of insulation. Made from foam-free, sustainable earth-friendly fibers, they contain no harmful contaminants. A self-sealing flap keeps items secure in transit. Economical solution for local delivery of both fresh and frozen products.

Insulated totes can be custom designed and branded for added marketing appeal. Ask how our Box Cents program can help reduce your shipping costs! Insulated Solutions. Corr-cool insulated paper box liner. Rigid earth friendly insulation.High volume pharmaceutical and gourmet food shippers know how those inefficient EPS coolers waste space and time. Thermal Shipping Solutions offers multiple high-speed packing solutions for large cold-chain parcel shipments that reduce your material handling and storage.

Most of all they give you better performance in less space for cheaper shipping! At Thermal Shipping Solutions, we know you need to be sure that your perishable items make it safely to your customers. Why run the of risk spoiled food and damaged medications? We work with you and your accreditation agencies to develop an optimal compromise between cost and performance for your cold chain packaging. We utilize industry-standard 7E ISTA testing and evaluate lane data and shipping conditions to make sure you're getting exactly what you need.

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Compare product. Protect your perishable shipments while meeting your sustainability goals with Renewliner β€” our award-winning, curbside recyclable packaging solution.

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Unlike other packaging systems, our patent-pending design for the Renewliner is made from recycled plastic bottles. By using this completely curbside recyclable cold-chain packaging solution you're supporting our cause to build a sustainable future while removing existing waste from our environment. Some thermal packaging alternatives may be properly sourced but may not necessarily perform. In other cases, they may complete the job but have a life cycle that does more harm than good.

We test against them all, so give us a shout today for a custom sample! Add to compare list. Cooler on the GO!From the office to the gym, on lunch break in between classes or weekend adventures, there is always a time and place for an Igloo insulated cooler bag.

insulated liner for cooler

Our cooler backpacks, totes and bags are great for day trips and picnics to keep your food cold during the day. Accidents happen β€” maybe you forgot to seal the lid on that jar of salsa, or your favorite microbrew got a little too shaken up on the journey.

Whatever life throws at you, you can clean your soft cooler with a few simple steps. Do not machine wash or dry your cooler bag. Instead, simply spot-clean with mild soap and plenty of water. If your cooler carries a hard-to-remove odor, try wiping down the inside with vanilla extract, then leaving a rag soaked with vanilla extract inside it overnight.

The next day, rinse the vanilla away and wash thoroughly with mild soap and water. Filter By:. Cans 6 Cans or Less. Ice Retention 2 Days. Features Adjustable Straps. Bottle Opener. Leak Proof. Tie-Down Loops. Color Black. Tie Dye. Collection Cooler Bags. Reactor Can Cooler Bag.

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Retro Fanny Pack. Retro Square Lunch Bag. Reactor Can Backpack.